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Contact me personally for an initial 20-minute complimentary consultation to discover how I can support you on your journey.


alexandra rodrigues

I started out with 15 years of dance experience where I learned about the body and its mechanics as well as how to feel my own inner stillness and connection with life. This led me on a long journey filled with gifted teachers and deep personal work. Over the years I have taken many courses and they are all merging together to provide me with the skills to deal with just about any physical, spiritual and emotional issue my clients experience during their work with me. I can be trusted because I have spent the time to learn, develop and grow in my craft of helping others heal.

I am completing my final year in Kinesiology in 2018, with the College of Kinesiology in Brisbane, Australia. Other education I have completed that helps me in my work with clients include:

Other Programs/Courses
  • Level 3 Certificate in Medical/Business Administration
  • Death Walker Training & Funeral Master Classes with
    Zenith Virago, Natural Death Care Centre in Australia
  • BackMitra Foundations (assisting) with Sharon Abbondanza CYA-RYT Gold, Canada
    (once yearly courses 2013 – 2015)
  • 25hr Teaching as Storytelling Vinyasa YTT with E-RYT500, Julie Peters, Canada
  • 20hr Trauma Sensitive YTT with Nicole Emily Marcia MA,
    E-RYT 500, Canada
  • LVL 1 Bio-Energy Healing with Michael D’Alton School of Bio-Energy Healing, Canada
  • 3mth Palliative Companion Volunteer Training Program, Burnaby Hospice Society Burnaby, Canada
  • Living and Dying Consciously Studies with
    Dr. Alexina Mehta, Canada
  • First Degree in the Usui System of Natural Healing, Reiki
    with Reiki Master Scott Diamond, Canada
  • 10hr Sacroiliac Joint and Lumber Spine in Asana with
    Judith Hanson Lasater, Canada
  • Indian Head Massage ~ the Prema Method with Bliss Prema, Canada
  • Prana Yoga Teacher College 500hr Certification, Canada
  • Classical Hatha (shakti mhi)
  • Restorative Yoga – Nevah Eyton
  • Yin Yoga – Bernie Clark
  • Laughter Yoga – Farah Nazarali
  • Yoga Nidra – Daniel Mirecki
  • Art of Dying – Swami Vivekananda
  • Ayurveda – Todd Caldecott
  • Energy Body – Bernie Clark
  • Five Tibetans – shakti mhi
  • History & Philosophy – Bernie Clark
  • Parapsychology – Swami Vivekananda
  • Physical Body – Bernie Clark
  • Pranayama – shakti mhi
  • Tantra 1 & 2 – Swami Vivekananda
  • Urine Therapy – shakti mhi
  • Yoga & Joints- Bernie Clark
  • Advanced Diploma in Screen & Stage Acting, Actors Conservatory, Brisbane, Australia (2005)
  • Diploma in Dance, Queensland Dance School of Excellence, Kelvin Grove State High School (2001)

Present Day Work Experience

2017 – Present, Elderly Companion, Five.Good.Friends.

2016 – Present, Yoga teacher and workshop facilitator at SoHo Yoga, Newmarket & Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

2010 – Present, Founder of Yatra Yoga, Vancouver BC & Brisbane, Australia

2009 – Present, Yoga teacher & holiday lead teacher with Vancouver Corporate Yoga & Yoga & Wine Holidays, Vancouver, Canada & Brisbane, Australia.

2011 – Present, Certified Indian Head Masseur

2009 – 2015,  Yoga Teacher at Burnaby Hospital; Vancouver Lawn, Tennis & Badminton Club; EA Games (Vancouver, Canada)


Yatra Essentials About - Alexandra Rodriguez

“Essentially, we are all pathing our way for the simple yet profound desire to live a life of authentic health, happiness and wholeness.”

I chose the name Yatra Essentials for my business because Yatra means life journey. At Yatra Essentials, I provide supportive resources to aid you on your Yatra ~ Life Journey.  I want to help my clients learn to flourish, living in peace and health. If you are a client coming to me at the end of your life, I can support you to die well, with grace and peace.

In my experience working with clients I find stress is the most prominent, underlying issue in most ailments. It can often be unseen, unheard or overlooked. Our society trains us to deal with suffering, distress and disease by seeking happiness & wholeness outside of ourselves. We are taught to ignore the effects that stress has on our mind, body and soul. The skills I have developed over many years of training allows me to help my clients pay attention so they can discover the underlying issues behind their own dis-ease. I then give them practical tools to deal with these issues. Many times illness is caused by too much stress. My techniques are non-invasive – clients maintain complete control and learn how to take care of themselves in a healthy, positive, and supportive manner.

Pathways to human flourishing & beyond offered by Yatra Essentials are personalized one-on-one holistic sessions centred around body-mind-energy to address your “dis-ease”. I want to enhance your own innate ability to alleviate pain (emotional or physical) and help create a lightness of being where you can experience your connection with all life. I want my clients to feel that authentic happiness which arises from within because when it does, it can expand your world and allow you to heal your life profoundly – this is what it means to create a “pathway to flourishing & beyond”.

Contact me personally for an initial 20-minute complimentary consultation to discover how I can support you on your journey.

“In constantly looking outside of ourselves for satisfaction, we are less able to appreciate the abundance that already exists. That is what really matters – our health and the riches of our inner life and the joy and love we are able to give and receive from others.” – Alexandra Rodrigues.

My philosophy is simple; to transform our health and life we must shift our gaze inward, where we will find the ever-present source of exceptional health & healing. But, you must choose this, with your whole being & be a willing participate in self-generating & self-cultivating authentic health, happiness & wholeness that is enduring, holistic in Body, Mind and Spirit / Energetically. Simultaneously, empowering you in handling life’s advertises, including disease, ageing and death.

“Essentially, we are all “pathing our way” for the simple yet profound desire to live a life of authentic health, happiness and wholeness.”

Alexandra Rodrigues

Through my resources and offerings in Holistic Kinesiology, Yoga, Meditation & End of Life Care, my intention is to support you to enhance your ability to alleviate needless suffering and live a life full of abundant energy, joy, and ease.

my story

There is a common thread that weaves through my own journey of transitions throughout my life’s Yatra ~ sacred & spiritual journey, in this Earth School. Since my earliest memory of playing with my oldest brother in a park in Toronto, Canada, I can remember a sense of aliveness and pure love and joy that filled me.

This thread of aliveness  (my living experience of an expansive presence) grew for me when my mother enrolled me in dance class. The movement and live music moved through me and expressed itself in ways that were deeply felt by others – despite not being the strongest technically.  This is what I received the most compliments about (from both strangers and those who knew me) during the 15 years I danced. Dancing opened me up to my first “out of body experience” which instilled in me from an early age – there is more to life than meets the eye.

The comments I received about my “sheer presence” while dancing  were meaningful. I was young and internalized much of what I experienced while dancing – these compliments were an affirmation of what I was experiencing myself. I didn’t have anyone I could speak to about my somatic experiences – things that were more than my own 5 senses. I developed an inner knowing and while dancing, I was embodied in “presence” – one with God, the universal life force ~ creator. At the time, I didn’t have “the words” to describe this  and became an avid reader, teaching myself about the essence that permeates all of life.

Life has inevitable heartaches, losses, stress and varying experiences of trauma. In my own life, I have learned to cultivate a healing strength in my darkest hours; a faith in a higher power that I am always linked with, guided, protected and provided for – we all are. This higher power speaks to me through an innate wisdom, a knowingness (within) and is ever present to guide my choices, actions & growth. I believe we are a part of a kind, intelligent, generous and loving universe.

David Spangler in his book “Everyday Miracles” speaks to this so eloquently: “There is a presence within me that knows all of my needs, even those I haven’t yet, realized & this presence is in touch with a creative power that can meet those needs fully & lovingly.”  

My experience of embodied presence gives me a strong sense of connection and communion with Creator. Another writer, Amy Cuddy, explains this “presence” beautifully in her book called Presence. I resonate deeply with her words: “Presence doesn’t always have to be linked to a “crystalline awareness” in achieving an enduring state of philosophical in-the-momentness… And that, there are other ways to feel present & powerful in how Presence is a state of being attuned to and able to comfortably express our true thoughts, feelings, values and potential. Presence emerges when we feel personally powerful, which allows us to be acutely attuned to our most sincere selves. In this psychological state, we can maintain presence even in the very stressful situations that typically makes us feel distracted and powerless. When we feel present, our speech, facial expressions, postures and movements align. They synchronize and focus. And that internal convergence, that harmony, is palpable and resonant – because it is real.”  This is true in my development & learning to live with presence during challenges and the basic ebb and flow of life.

For me, presence is about an honest connection created internally within ourselves. I believe presence in a person entails the qualities of attentiveness, connection, integration and focus. In the fullest sense these qualities define what it means to be alive for me. To find your true presence gives you the strength to keep going and allows a deep state of balance, because you’re not trying to protect yourself, you just are. This is a true state. I believe we can self-induce presence, and this has been another great life lesson for me during challenging moments.

I am blessed with dual-citizenship – it opened the world for me to travel, live and work abroad. I was away from family for a good 10 years and learned a lot about myself during this period.

My travels took me through many twists, valleys & turns and enabled me to meet one of my first most influential teachers, shakti mhi. As a teenager I tried to teach myself yoga & meditation by reading books in the backyard of my parents’ home but, it was through shakti’s teachings I learned through my wounds, how one can allow the light of Presence to heal.

I have since been very blessed to have crossed paths with other great teachers: Dr. Ian Johnson, who has coached me personally & professionally throughout my years of being a Studio owner and has remained a great mentor & friend helping me path my way on my journey through the living experience of human flourishing; Guy Bennett who has opened a whole new learning opportunity to help myself and others on this path to human flourishing with the support of Kinesiology, a powerful, holistically comprehensive, healing modality; Sharon Abbondanza, Julie Peters, Nicole Marcia, Nevah Eyton, Bernie Clark for widening my knowledge and experience of the self-healing & empowering teachings of this living tradition, Yoga; Swami Vivekanada, Burnaby Hospice Society & Zenith Virago for the pioneering & evolutionary teachings you have shared with me and assisted me to find my way of service for those who cross my path, nearing end of life on this Earth plane.

Finally, I’d love to provide for you a unique opportunity where I am a supportive guide for you to explore and awaken energetically. I want to do this by bringing out your greatest teacher and healer, the one that resides within your own body and mind.

“Your hand opens and closes and opens and closes.
If it were always a fist or always stretched open,
you would be paralyzed.
Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding,
the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as bird wings.” – Rumi

Health & Wellbeing

Create Your Reality – College of Kinesiology, Brisbane QLD
Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology is a nationally accredited school specializing in Kinesiology training. For more information, visit: http://www.kinesiologycollege.edu.au

SoHo Yoga, Brisbane QLD
SoHo stands for ‘Soul Home’. With two unique, boutique yoga spaces in Newmarket & Fortitude Valley on Brisbane’s north side where everyone feels welcome, and anyone can take time out to nurture the soul. For more information, visit: http://www.sohoyoga.com.au/

Sayers Dance Center, Brisbane QLD
Sayers Dance Centre is a nurturing school that believes you need to love something before you can do it well. They work to foster a love of dance whilst developing strong dance techniques. For more information, visit: http://www.sayersballet.com.au/

O.C.C Therapy, Brisbane QLD
O.C.C. Therapy stands for “On Call Children’s Therapy”, and reflects our belief that supporting children in their homes and schools is invaluable. At O.C.C. Therapy, you can be sure of high quality, evidence based, individualized therapy. For more information, visit: http://occtherapy.com.au/

Dr. Ian Johnson, Vancouver BC
Social Engagement Solutions – Building Communities for Human Flourishing. For more information, visit: http://we-q.net/ses/

Tova Payne, Yellowknife BC
Tova Payne is a writer, speaker, and consultant. She’s published several books and is a frequent contributor for The Huffington Post. She works worldwide with creative businesses and individuals leading meditation, mindfulness-based yoga, wellness, and via personalized consulting. For more information, visit: http://www.tovapayne.com/

Sharon Abbondanza, Vancouver BC
Sharon’s reverent love of the body infuses her teaching. She artfully combines the healing awareness of yoga therapy with the restorative alignment of the BackMitra and the exploration of tensegrity all within the enlivening practice of a flow-style (vinyasa) Hatha yoga. For more information, visit: http://www.inspiringyoga.com/about/sharon/

Sunny Trim, Vancouver BC
Owner at Vancouver Corporate Yoga and Yoga & Wine Holidays. Sunny is passionate about bringing yoga to as many people possible, making their lives happier and healthier, teaching locally in Vancouver and abroad for special groups, retreats and adventure holidays. For more information, visit: http://yogaandwineholidays.com/ and/or http://www.vancouvercorporateyoga.com/

Creative & Media

Raychel Kaye – Photography & Video
If you are looking for maternity, family or couple’s portraits, or have an event, wedding or small business you would like photographed I’m your girl. Based in beautiful Bangalow and regularly travels to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Bali. For more information, visit: http://raychelkayephotography.com/

Monique Designs – Graphic Design & Production
My job as an independent contractor is to make your life easier by providing polished design solutions + great craftsmanship, on-time and budget – without drama. Print media & web design. For more information, visit: http://www.moniquedesigns.ca

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