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FIVE. GOOD. FRIENDS. No matter how little or much help you need, FIVE.GOOD.FRIENDS offers you service, at home, for one flat rate.

I work with FIVE GOOD FRIENDS as an Elderly Companion. My work is personalized to the needs of each member, including anything from  shared meditations, therapeutic yoga, domestic assistance, home administration to transportation.

Five.Good.Friends. is here to change the care industry. If you are not happy with the home care you are receiving, please consider talking with a 5GF care advisor to see how they could personalise a care package for you &/or your loved ones to receive more care, more control & more hours. To find out more, visit their website at: https://www.fivegoodfriends.com.au/home-care-services

Five.Good.Friends. provides person-centred, in home care packages for you and/or your loved ones. Services that can be included in your care package are listed below. If you would like Alexandra to be apart of your 5GF care package, simply request to your care adviser for your Elderly Companionship to be Alexandra Rodrigues.

Domestic assistance – Provide general help around the home including cleaning, laundry, shopping and meal preparation.

Personal care – Respectful and caring help with personal needs including assistance with medications, showering and dressing.

Transportation – Helpers accompany Members to and from appointments, shopping, collecting groceries and general community access.

Home administration – Help Members organise & plan everyday activities including making appointments, general administration & using technology.

Companionship – Keeping people company through friendships, interests and sharing activities.

Home handyman – Doing odd jobs and minor repairs in and around the home.

“According to the median of ABS projections (ABS, 2013a) anticipate the numbers aged 65+ in Australia will increased by 84.8 percent from 3.1 million to 5.7 million between 2011 and 2031.”

Please contact me to discuss how I could best support you.

End of Life Family & Funeral Planning

“I believe it’s imperative to bring the light of support and knowledge to patients and families when death is approaching.” – Lisa J. Shultz

An End-of-Life Doula is a non-medical role. A Doula can provide support, options and education to assist the dying and those around them to have their end of life unfold in alignment with their wishes, and preserve quality of life, well-being and self-worth up to and beyond the end of life as we know it. They are the “informed companion” bringing comfort, support, compassion, and assistance to the dying individual and their family. They can help make the process feel safe and supportive during this important transition.

Everyone has the capacity & courage to do death well. A Doula can help you look for a better way to “do death”; have meaningful funeral and be well informed enough to participate in appropriate and meaningful end of life and after death care.

Please contact me to discuss how I could best support you.

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