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Holistically Comprehensive – aims to improve your health & well being by stimulating your body’s own healing potential.

Holistic Kinesiology with Alexandra Rodrigues, Brisbane Australia

2018 is my final year in my Kinesiology Studies with the College of Kinesiology, Brisbane Australia. Be a part of my valuable practicum & book a session with me here or come to my College for 2018’s Student Clinics. Must book at least 24 hours in advance. I am thrilled to share my new skills and deeply grateful for your trust and willingness to join me on this journey.

“A teacher cannot give you the truth. The truth is already in you. You only need to open yourself, body, mind and heart, so that their teachings will penetrate your own seeds of understanding and enlightenment. If you let the words enter you, the soil and the seeds will do the rest of the work.” –
Thich Nhat Hahn

Holistic Kinesiology Benefits with Alexandra Rodrigues

Kinesiology is a holistic health discipline that combines western muscle monitoring science with eastern medicine principles and practices. The science of manual muscle testing was discovered in the 1920’s by an Orthopedic surgeon who applied its use to the testing of spinal nerve damage. Kinesiology continued to be a researched and developed science, eventually becoming widely used by Chiropractors. It is now a multi-faceted discipline with a vast array of applications and modalities.

Holistic kinesiology offers a unique approach – communicating with the body at an intrinsic level through the use of muscle testing. It focuses on exploring clients presenting issues from a root cause perspective, as opposed to treating their issues from a purely symptomatic approach. While treating the symptoms of an issue may provide immediate relief, this relief may only be temporary. To achieve long-term health, kinesiology investigates beyond the conscious mind and uncovers the deeper causes of health issues. Through this approach TRUE resolution and profound healing is achievable.

“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.” – Hippocrates

Yatra Essentials Holistic Kinesiology

“Kinesiology is an effective tool for re-establishing the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious. This bridge enables people to re-connect to their core values thereby, helping them to restore balance, to many aspects of their lives.” – Alexandra Rodrigues

Kinesiology aims to improve your health and well-being by stimulating your body’s own healing potential. Your body has the innate wisdom and intelligence to perform thousands of functions every second without your awareness. All your systems – vascular, respiratory, digestive, lymphatic, endocrine, nervous, etc, function without your conscious effort. If your body can do this, then it certainly has the power to heal itself. Whether your issue is physical, nutritional, bio-chemical, mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual, kinesiology can help uncover the cause and rectify it.

When you come in for a session, the defining feature of the session is the muscle monitoring process. It engages the neuromuscular biofeedback system within you, enabling the practitioner to access the body’s innate awareness, also known as the subconscious. By monitoring the involuntary response in the muscle, the practitioner can gather information about your health from a physical, bio-chemical, mental/emotional, energetic and spiritual perspective. Testing enables the practitioner to identify areas of stress and blockages held in the body – it works to release & resolve these.

“Fundamentally, kinesiology provides the body with the support it needs to return to a state of balance and to undertake self-healing.”

Kinesiology works on a wide range of symptoms including physical, biochemical, emotional/mental and spiritual issues.  For example:

  • depression / anxiety
  • grief / bereavement
  • structural & physiological ailments
  • relationship difficulties
  • pain
  • weight reduction
  • past or present traumas
  • suppressed emotions
  • stress related disorders
  • emotional imbalances
  • fears and phobias
  • learning difficulties
  • addictions
  • self-esteem and confidence
  • goal setting and achievement
  • disconnection with spirit
  • discovering & integrating new perspectives
  • reconnecting with your joy and passion
  • nutritional /biochemical ailments
  • creativity

“I would just like to tell you how wonderful our Kinesiology session was for me. Firstly, you have an incredible gift and I feel exceptionally lucky to have received Kinesiology from you. Secondly, I can already feel myself opening up and reconnecting with a way of life that had somehow become buried under the business of day to day living. I feel really positive about the changes that are bound to happen as a result. I will definitely be in contact again for another session.”

Erica, Client, Brisbane QLD

“I just had the opportunity to experience one of Alexandra’s Kinesiology sessions in my lounge room, and I feel so much more self-aware and grounded. Bookings can be made via her very easy booking system. Oh, and she’s also an amazing Indian Head Masseuse!” Enjoy x

Keira, Client, Brisbane QLD
Self-Healing Holistic Kinesiology Benefits with Alexandra Rodrigues

The human body is a highly-advanced organism that has been designed to naturally self-heal. We have each observed an example of this in the formation of a scab over a scratch or wound, the repair and healing of broken bones, and the functioning of our immune system in creating antibodies to fight off colds or other diseases. Our body is constantly regenerating and working to maintain us in a state of balance and homeostasis.

Many  individuals are faced with strenuous psychological stress and pressure in their work, school and social engagements; they may also suffer from a physical injury, viral or bacterial infection, or a physiological disease.

When the body’s needs are suppressed, the body’s ability to heal is denied, instead forcing the body to enter a state of compensation. The body may be able to continue to function in this state of compensation for some time, but eventually it will result in the formation of additional illness and disease. At this point the body requires support to return to a natural “healed” state. Kinesiology provides the support required to unravel the track of stressors and return to a state of balance.

Testimonial: “I had no idea what I was in for when I signed up for the Remote Kinesiology session. I’ve never done anything like this before – and especially since it was done remotely, I was curious as to what type of effects it would have. Well, I’ve now had 2 remote sessions, and each time, during the session I felt relaxed, and inspired, but the miracles would always happen after the session. When I say miracle I mean, real life changes in my life. I mean things in my life that were stuck, started to shift. The first time the big shift was in my circumstances changing and I finally moved out of the city I was in where I’d been feeling stuck for quite some time. The second time, I got unstuck from a work situation that was causing me stress and a new opportunity came my way, as if by magic. Seriously, I don’t really understand how this remote kinesiology works, I just know it works! Thank you Alexandra for the healing and care you give”~Tova Payne, Writer and Adviser

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

Holistic Kinesiology Video by Alexandra Rodrigues, Australia, Coming in 2018

New video coming in 2018.

“By communicating with the body at an intrinsic level, holistic kinesiology offers a unique approach by, focusing on exploring the clients presenting issues from a root cause perspective as opposed to treating their issues from a purely symptomatic approach.” – Alexandra Rodrigues

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