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Works to release physical tension & free up stagnant energy in the body

Yatra Essentials Indian Head Massage

 Indian Head Massage

Give back to yourself. An Indian Head Massage can open doors to new inspiration, insight and vitality. 60-min convenient and custom-tailored experience – watch the distractions of the outside world drift away as you move into a quiet, reflective space. Enjoy this time to go deeper within, leave refreshed. 

Alexandra begins with a deep kneading and probing of the back, arms, neck and shoulder muscles. The head is then worked with the scalp being squeezed, rubbed, gently tapped and prodded. The hair is briskly tussled and gently combed. Pressure points are gently worked on, and the ears are tugged and pressed. The face is massaged last, working with acupressure points to help relieve any sinus pressure, stimulate the circulation and to increase alertness.

Indian Head Massage – The Prema Method: Is a more subtle form of energy balancing which affects a person’s energy centres (chakras). Combined with the fresh flow of energy, an Indian Head Massage can bring the energy of the whole body back into balance by creating a deep sense of peace, calm and well-being.


The pressure was perfect through out. Alexandra was able to feel/sense areas that were tender and knotted and adjusted the pressure accordingly. The entire experience was very comfortable and I think that was aided by Alexandra’s introduction. Before we began she explained the massage, what to expect, checked if I would be comfortable with specific touches, and what actions would signal the end of the massage. This introduction allowed me to relax into the process completely. I felt the massage was wonderful and Alexandra is amazing. I felt every move was conscious and mindful yet had a natural rhythm and flow and I felt comfortable and cherished by her calm, kind presence.

Jacqueline Daganais, Client

I had the pleasure of experiencing one of Alexandra’s Indian Head Massages.  I have had many relaxing, as well as therapeutic, massages in the past but this experience was quite different.  It started with simple yoga stretches, then you move to a comfortably chair where Alexandra explains the process and begins the massage by starting at the mid back and working up to the head.  The head massage was nothing like I have had before.  I had happy tears half way through, which quite surprised me because I have never been emotional during a massage.  I think it because of the release of tension, along with the candle lit setting, calm music and Alexandra’s strong hands and kind presence. I really felt that she wanted to make this experience special for me.  I can honestly say I came away with a total mind and body relaxation and would recommend this wonderful 90 minutes of bliss to anyone who needs a quiet moment of calm and well-being.

Linda, Client - Vancouver, BC

I really enjoyed this. A perfect amount of pressure – I am very tight and this technique was perfect. Started of gently and then increased in pressure and worked so well. Relaxing and yet at the same time extremely therapeutic. Nothing was uncomfortable. The work on the Rhomboids is the best, I have ever experienced. I have had therapeutic sport massage before, but not this technique, I really liked this!

Alison Biely, Client

Alexandra was great! She payed special attention to the areas in my back where I was holding the most tension and the transitions in between different techniques was fluid and felt natural. The atmosphere and the massage itself was relaxing and I felt invigorated at the end.

Josh, Client

Alexandra was amazing! It was my first time experiencing this massage and it was pure bliss! The pressure was perfect and she was very attentive. Feeling the energy flow was amazing. It was perfect.

Jessica Pander, Client

This was a truly extraordinary experience which I feel honoured to have engaged with such a gifted soul of Alexandra. She was so ‘in tune’ with the varying needs and allowed me to share and express as needed. The pressure was perfect. She also allowed me time after to ‘re-enter’ the physical space as needed. I feel lighter and brighter and am very grateful to Alexandra my new angel of mercy… Thank you again Alexandra, you are truly gifted and glorious practitioner in this field as in all areas of healing I am sure!

Joanie Koch-Kalanj, Client

Wow, this was amazing! I would change nothing. Very relaxing and the energy felt and released was something I needed to feel again in this moment of my life, thank you Alexandra!

Timothy Donnelly, Client

This was truly amazing. We started with beautiful soft music, a warm nurturing space and super comfortable chair. Alexandra explained everything that was going to take place which made this massage all the more relaxing. Then there where no words spoken and yet there was a connection in her hands. The pressure was perfect. She was totally professional in every aspect of the massage. Then we were finished and there was time to “re-enter” my surroundings. I was so impressed. Alexandra, has such a calm presence, I truly loved every moment of my time with her and would highly recommend her service to anyone.

Susanne Paterson, Client

Most relaxing massage ever! I felt free to move with Alexandra and my breath. Alexandra was wonderful in attuning into me, it was amazing.

Nora H. Prior, Client

Excellent experience. Alexandra was totally in sync with my reactions and smoothly adjusted the pressure. I felt safe and energetically had total trust in her, as generally I am to sensitive for massages. It was a releasing and energizing. I feel blessed to have had such a wonderful touch. She is gifted!

Sandi De Domenico, Client

Alexandra made me feel very at ease and relaxed. The experience was quite amazing and uplifting. I felt this massage assisted me to lift away heaviness from the modern day. At the end, I was lost for words. Changed, maybe, very happy – definitely; grateful for the experience. This was quite the amazing experience. I had no idea what is going to be and I am thankful I gave it a try.

Mark Brichon, Client

I felt was blessed to have this opportunity. From the set up of the room, to the comfortable chair. The attention to explain the process was appreciated as well as the space to ask questions. The pressure was perfect and I could have sat longer… Overall an amazing experience and I will definitely book again!

Margo Smith, Client

The pressure was excellent – Alexandra sensed when to apply more/ less throughout the session. I enjoyed the energy, I felt throughout the massage. I really enjoyed the “tapping” across the shoulder blades and upper arms. – rejuvenating!! Excellent work, Alexandra, you’re a natural!

Cinnamon Dagsvik, Client
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