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The two primary reasons people start yoga are to relieve discomfort and to maintain physical and mental health in our increasingly stressful society. Yoga benefits every system of the body.


“Do Less” Workshop with Alexandra Rodrigues & Meditative Sound Therapy

This 2-hour afternoon treat will feature Singing Rings and crystal infused metal bowls from Japan to ease you into a deep rest.  Yoshie Dixon from Meditative Sound Therapy will lead you through Singing Rings healing and pure harmonic sound, while being supported through a renewing restorative yoga practise guided by Alexandra. Alexandra will also circulate the room giving each participant individual attention with her soothing indian head massage and therapeutic adjustments  – helping you find optimal support in each restorative yoga pose. Whether you are new to yoga or experienced, this special class is suitable for all levels.

Tea and Snacks will be provided after the session.

Where: SoHo Yoga Studio – Newmarket.
When: Sunday, May 13, 2018 from  2pm – 4pm
Cost: $45 per person

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