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Yoga with Alexandra Rodrigues

Yoga is an ancient system designed to promote health, harmony and self-awareness. In India, its country of origin, yoga is known as the science of healthy living. Although one aspect of yoga, the asanas, or physical postures, has been popularized in western culture over the last 50 years; asanas have traditionally been practiced in the wider context of an integrated system that includes breath work, meditation, and spiritual development. The focus on the physical aspect of yoga is often the first step a person takes on the Path of Yoga.

Alexandra feels that the meditative dance of Yoga offers a unique opportunity where each student can follow a path of natural growth to explore, strengthen and develop body and mind. In her classes she gently guides you from one asana (posture) to another with a focus upon breathing and flow.  Safety is also important in Alexandra’s classes as Yoga should be practised with mindful balance of steadiness and ease.

Yoga – Group

Accessible & affordable yoga classes with Alexandra Rodrigues. Find a class near you at SOHO Yoga Studios or Sayers Dance Studio.


Yoga – Private

In your home or local yoga studio, sessions can be booked on-going or a one-time basis only. No experience is required.



An ingenious foam strip effective in releasing tension in the spine. Assists in re-aligning the natural curve of your spine.


Workshops & Retreats

“Do Less” Meditative Sound Therapy 2-Hour Workshop 2018. Stay tuned for more yoga workshop & retreat offerings.


Bountiful thanks to Alexandra, my favourite yoga guide. Alexandra’s classes are without doubt the best part of my day.  She leads with a sunny smile, and gentle, supportive instructions, emphasizing the importance of uniting the breath, body and mind.  I feel very fortunate to have her as my teacher.

Kim Armstrong, Client

Your classes have always taken the stress out of my mind and body; the subtle changes from class to class is always a pleasant surprise. In short, I am always happy with your classes, even in amongst change.

Arno, Client

Alexandra is the epitome of a quality yoga teacher! She is knowledgeable in her practise, meets the needs of her students and I admire her welcoming, calm, gentle spirit for everyone who attends her classes.  Her soft, encouraging voice helps me to try and do what postures I can, breathe and relax.  You are a stellar yoga teacher!

Annalise, Client

I have had the privilege of attending Alexandra’s classes for over 2 years now, and I feel that I have greatly benefited from her Yoga guidance physically, mentally and spiritually. Her philosophy guides us to listen to our inner teacher allowing the student of yoga to balance one’s abilities with growth by utilizing “the Breath” as the foundation. I am 63 and have been diagnosed with Heart Disease and Osteoporosis.  Each disease has been diagnosed as genetic. My yoga and other exercise regime have prevented me from having to be on any medication and allowed me to lead a very normal and active life! I truly attribute my healthy life style to Alexandra’s classes which assist me in being able to keep my physical body well through the postures, mentally distressing through the breathing and meditation practice, and spiritually getting in touch with my inner self through focusing on the present…..being rather than doing. I really look forward to my two classes with her!

Donna Nicolls, Client

I am so blessed to have found Alexandra, her classes are like a sanctuary that have touched my heart and opened my soul. Alexandra has helped me recognise the integral role of spirituality in yoga and has assisted me in learning tangible skills in deepening my understanding and experience in mind, body and spirit connection. I will always remember you!

Steff Colquhoun, Client

Alexandra is calm, open, generous of energy, patient and happy in her ways of sharing her vast knowledge and experience. She has the ability to attend to those in class with ease whom have difficulties or discomfort assisting to make the practise of yoga accessible to all. It is a privilege to have experienced her teachings!

Madeleen, Client

Alexandra always provides such wonderful classes. Such a good teacher, whom promotes a fulfilling yoga spirit. Always enjoyable and I appreciate how she assists me to guide my mind to relax and how to cultivate the ability to be present, while my body opens up and releases tension, thank you Alexandra~

Irene Lew, Client

I have enjoyed every single minute of every class. Alexandra is thoughtful and her classes are exciting and satisfying.

Cindy Gaita, Client

Alexandra you are an exceptional teacher. Your demeanour and voice are extremely calming and your patience admirable. I really enjoyed how you explain the moves and positions, very detailed and I liked learning about how the moves were benefiting different organs and muscles. I have thoroughly enjoyed each class that I have attended and felt that each experience benefited me greatly for my mind, body and soul. Should I visit Vancouver again, I will be sure to look you up!! Much love & peace.

Melanie, Client

Love the vibes from the founder of Yatra Yoga, Alexandra. You are amazing!

Lexina Mehta, ND, Client

Alexandra is a delightful person with a practice style and personality that works well with people of a certain age who are trying to maintain whatever flexibility they have.  There are many good yoga instructors out there but, Alexandra is exceptional, in my experience.

Doug, Client

“I’ve always said that it doesn’t matter where you practice yoga, gym/lounge/studio, you can have a great class in a garage with the right teacher. BUT you guys nailed it! SoHo Valley studio is so stunning and invites calmness and authenticity into your being as soon as you walk in! To top that off, hands down the best Yin Yoga class I have EVER had with Alex, yesterday. She is amazing! Thank you!” Namaste.

Kate Collins, Client, Brisbane QLD

“Your instruction on Yin Yoga is always great, and today’s one was magical to me.  I felt so deeply relaxed.  Thank you for your great instruction” 🙂

Miwa Fujii, Client, Brisbane QLD
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